PC Gamer UK October issue is out now

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Just a quick reminder to let our UK readers know that the latest issue of PC Gamer UK is on store shelves now. Guild Wars 2 is on the cover. It's just one of the huge upcoming MMOs that we've looked at in our feature on the clash of the MMO titans. You'll also find previews on the most exciting incoming releases like Diablo 3 and Rage, reviews of Limbo, Arma: Anniversary edition and much more. Find out what's inside in our summary of PC Gamer UK issue 231. The latest issue is also available to buy online, and virtually, in the form of our shiny Zinio digital edition. If you subscribe, you'll get every issue cheaper, earlier, and clad in our lovely subscriber covers, which you'll find embedded below.

If you're here, reading our words about PC games in the internet, chances are you might be interested in reading more words about PC games in other exciting formats. The PC Gamer Reader is now available as a Kindle edition, offering a collection of the best PC games writing of the last decade or so.

PC Gamer UK, September issue: Deus Ex: Human Revolution review

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This month we bring you the world's first review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Is it as good as we all hope? Can it possibly live up to the towering original? We punched criminals, hacked terminals, turned invisible and threw a vending machine off a rooftop at an army of gangsters to find out. You can read all about it in our eight page analysis in the September issue of PC Gamer UK which is landing with subscribers shortly, and will be available in print and on tablets on Wednesday 3rd August.

That's not all, of course. There are 122 more pages to account for. Read on to find out what else lies within the golden covers of our latest issue.

PC Gamer UK, August issue: Aliens: Colonial Marines

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The trouble with futuristic marines is that they think they can wander through an alien spaceship, never look above or behind them, and still be alive five minutes later. This month's cover demonstrates exactly why THAT WILL NOT WORK. In Aliens: Colonial Marines, you must always check your six, a lesson we learned well when we went to see it. You can read all about Gearbox's new co-op survival horror game in our huge preview.

The new issue will be available to buy online this Wednesday July 6, and will be hitting store shelves soon. Subscribers should have their copies already. If you'd like future issues of PC Gamer UK delivered directly to your door for less money, you can subscribe here. If you'd like to save a few trees, we also have a shiny new Zinio digital edition.

Read on to find out what else we've managed to cram into the August issue of PC Gamer UK.

PC Gamer UK, July issue: Assassin's Creed Revelations

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On our cover this month: master assassin Ezio, not quite managing to hide in plain sight. We were going to ask him to smile, but then we realised he has more knives than fingers, and thought better of it. The star of new Ezio is older, more experienced and deadlier than ever. Find out the truth that lies behind the beard in the massive feature on Assassin's Creed Revelations, in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK.

It's not all about assassins, of course. This month we delve into Dwarf Fortress, chat to Bioware about writing The Old Republic, review all the latest releases and much, much more. Read on to discover the treasures hidden within the pages of our July issue.

PC Gamer US, July issue: Heavy-hitting sequels with Mass Effect 3 & Skyrim

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At PC Gamer, we're all about giving. Our July 2011 issue just hit newsstands with a generous look at Mass Effect 3: who's back, why it matters, and what the skinny is on those silly Reapers. Further in, Chris braved the frosty summits of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and lived to tell write eight pages about it—no dragon was left unturned, despite Chris' pet peeve of being drenched in molten liquid-fire breath. As if that weren't enough, we've got tons of content just waiting to be fervidly read in the latest issue. Come get a sneak peek of what Issue 215 has in store.

Alternate Lives: Dragon Age 2

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The ones we love always hurt us the most, and the roleplaying genre has, over its many years, inflicted its rabid adherents with a few post-traumatic stress disorder-inducing moments. The most infamous occasion was the 1994 release of Ultima VIII: Pagan, the sequel to one of the most beloved RPGs. It completely abandoned the renowned features of its predecessor, and its reception prompted a written apology by series creator Richard Garriott. The simplified Deus Ex: Invisible War was another PTSD moment, as was Bethesda’s transformation of the Fallout franchise (for isometric perspective turn-based combat fans, at least).

PC Gamer UK, May issue: Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Our May issue is now on-sale in both physics-based shops and our online one, where it's £5.99 with free postage to anywhere in the UK. Truly, it's a small price to pay for a magazine with a picture of a red-headed female bounty hunter from Star Wars: The Old Republic on the cover.

That's for Tom's huge preview of the swords-and-Forcery MMORPG: he played the game for a ridiculous two days, as both the Bounty Hunter class and the Imperial Agent, and he has some opinions to tell you.

Is city-building the next big craze in MMOs?

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It’s easy to feel like your choices don’t affect the world around you in an MMO. When you log out, you disappear without a trace. But if you could build a city in an MMO, it wouldn’t disappear—it’d hang around 24/7 to remind your fellow gamers that whoever built it (you) are totally cooler than they are, and that they should fear you.

Six cards to jumpstart your army in BattleForge

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Just having large, fire-breathing dragons that can burninate pathetic peasants on a whim is not enough for me. My fire-breathing dragons must be infused with unholy power and foaming at the mouth with bloodlust before I sic ‘em on the enemy—if we’re going to kill an entire civilization, we’re going to do it right, dammit. So I give my dragons drugs.

20 Years of Blizzard: Looking back with Blizzard's creators

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We celebrated Blizzard's 20th anniversary with a massive cover story in our April issue that analyzed just how far-reaching their impact on gamers across the globe has been. In the final part of that story, (read part 1 and part 2) we sit down in Mike Morhaime's office with three of Blizzard'a head honchos to host a round-table discussion about the company's early days, where they see PC gaming is headed and what life was/is/will be like at the company. Join us for a look inside one of PC gaming's most beloved companies.

20 Years of Blizzard: Blizzard's DNA

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We celebrated Blizzard's 20th anniversary with a massive cover story in our April issue that analyzed just how far-reaching their impact on gamers across the globe has been. In part two of that story, (read part 1 here), we put Blizzard under a microscope to inspect the people involved, and what they've gone off to do around the industry.

It’s difficult to measure exactly what Blizzard’s effect on the gaming industry has been, but one glance at the monster-sized image below tells you it’s big. Go ahead, look around—every game here had at least one ex-Blizzard employee working on it. From casual adventures to hardcore shooters, they’re everywhere!

20 ways Blizzard changed the world

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We celebrated Blizzard's 20th anniversary with a massive cover story in our April issue that analyzed just how far-reaching their impact on gamers across the globe has been. In part one of our Blizzard story, we put our collective minds together to put together a list of the many and varied ways that Blizzard has affected the "real-world" through their games. Here they are presented for your viewing pleasure: the 20 ways that Blizzard Entertainment has altered the very fabric of life.

PC Gamer UK March Issue - Total War: Shogun 2

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March is the month of war. The latest issue of PC Gamer UK hits store shelves today with the force of an army of samurai. Within, we've got the first huge reviews of Total War: Shogun 2 and Dragon Age 2, a massive feature on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and much, much more.

PC Gamer UK February Issue: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Have you ever walked flat into a screen door? Deus Ex: Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen has, and it exploded. Our sleek new cover captures the moment of unintentional badassery, in recognition of our huge new six-page preview feature. Subscribers should be receiving their issues soon, postman willing, and it'll be on shelves and buyable online from Wednesday. Here's what else is cool.

PC Gamer UK January issue - Eve Online

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Those lucky subscribers already know because they've heard the pleasing sound of an issue of PC Gamer UK sliding through their letterboxes, but the remainder of you will be delighted to discover that our latest issue hits shelves today. Read on to discover its secrets...

PC Gamer UK Christmas Issue - Diablo 3

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The Christmas issue of PC Gamer UK comes straight from hell, but it looks heavenly, with not just one Diablo 3 cover but five. You can see four of them below, each depicting a different character class from Blizzard's hack-and-slasher.

PC Gamer UK December Issue - Warhammer: Dark Millennium Online

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The latest issue of PC Gamer is a portal to a dark, grim future in which there is only war. Glorious, exciting war in which Man's greatest foes are sliced with chain swords, diced with chain axes, and shot in the face with massive guns. You'll be able to tell from the steely gaze of the Space Marine on our cover that this month is a Warhammer 40k special. We donned our biggest shoulder pads and braved the battlefields of the future, bringing back massive previews of Warhammer: Dark Millennium Online and Dawn of War 2: Retribution. You can read all the gory details by visiting your local magazine seller immediately, or if you're not yet convinced, read below for more tantalising nuggets.

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It's winter, which at PC Gamer means free overtime from our inking orphans because it's too cold for them to go back to their cells at night. So we're passing these human rights violations - or 'savings' - on to you: it's now just £10.69 quarterly to subscribe by Direct Debit, or £46.49 for a year if you prefer to pay by card. The PC Gamer Maths Prawn tells us that's £3.28 and £3.58 an issue respectively - good job, Maths Prawn! Back in your tank!

For the most ridiculous saving of all, subscribe for two years for £77.99. Your loyalty lets us plan for the future by abducting a whole new orphan, safe in the knowledge that after twelve months, the cadmium poisoning from the ink will have rendered it almost numb to the papercuts. And since we work four-week long Journalism Months to avoid light stabbings from our overlords, we do 13 issues in a year. That's less than £3 an issue, says the calculator we replaced the Maths Prawn with after the tank fiasco. Compassionate and smart.

Subscribers also get their issues with the clean, gorgeous, clutter-free covers you see above. As well as looking sexy on a coffee table, the time the orphans save from the lack of cover lines means we can send each issue out to you sooner than the shops.

PC Gamer UK November issue - Guild Wars 2

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Issue 219 is a magazine, but it's also a handy one-handed mace if rolled up correctly, or even a makeshift oar for a raft. You can use the disc to reflect light at a vampire, or use the plastic wallet to store loot. Issue 219, then, is a lot like your character in Guild Wars 2; it can take on any role you need it to. Guild Wars 2 is our cover story this month, and inside, we lay out exactly how versatile your virtual war specialist can really be. It'll be in shops tomorrow, and here's what else you can expect.

Commence freakout: Guild Wars 2 is the next PCG US cover

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The reclusive masterminds at ArenaNet break their silence in this issue's exclusive look into the dungeons of Guild Wars 2. Once you've read our story, you will be certain of one thing: it'll be unlike anything the MMO genre has ever seen.