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Catch the wyrm with Dragon's Prophet's PC Gamer Beta Weekend

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We're giving you an exclusive chance to spend a weekend in the closed beta of Dragon's Prophet - Infernum Productions' free-to-play MMO in which everything's a dragon. See a woolly mammoth? It's really a dragon. An angry looking fish? That's an underwater dragon. Another player? They're not a dragon, but there's a good chance they've got one with them.

Giveaway — Guild Wars 2 free weekend preview keys

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If you haven't dipped your toe into the world of Tyria yet, here's your chance to try it without having to pay the usual toe-dipping toll. We've got 10,000 codes to give away that will give you access to Guild Wars 2 at no charge from Friday the 19th until Monday the 21st. Read on to find out how to claim one!

Defiance beta weekend giveaway - 500 keys must go!

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Sci-fi MMO-shooter Defiance is set to have another beta weekend and we have 500 ways for you to get in on the action. Kicking off this Friday evening, lucky recipients of keys will be unleashed into a shattered future-San Francisco, its remains picked over by feuding factions and infested with ferocious, mega-sized beasties.

A thirdperson shooter, it's pitched as part PlanetSide and part Monster Hunter, and the trailers make its many-player battles against skyscraping insectoids look suitably epic. But why not see for yourself?

End of Nations beta key giveaway

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End of Nations, the Trion Worlds MMORTS, is having a beta event this weekend, and we've got 1,500 keys to give away to lucky PC Gamer readers.

Yes, you could be engaging in 26 a side co-op battles with over a thousand units this very weekend. All you need to do is follow the steps inside.

Orcs Must Die! 2 demo out now

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Some, but not too many Orcs Must Die! A demo is now available for Orcs Must Die! 2, through Steam. It offers two levels of solo and co-op Orc melting that'll introduce a few new traps and let you run around as new character, The Sorceress. The game will be properly released next week. To celebrate, the original Orcs Must Die! is available now for a quarter of its usual price. Buying it will unlock "10 classic maps" in the sequel.

For more, have a look at our Orcs Must Die! 2 preview and check out the trailer below.

Star Wars: The Old Republic now free to play up to level 15

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A free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available, letting players explore the universe as any class for as long as they like up to level 15. That'll give you a chance to see the starting world, and a little bit of your faction's capital planet. You'll also be able to jump into PvP Warzones and Flashpoints (TOR's equivalent of dungeons. In space).

"Players who have previously participated in one of the Weekend Pass Free Trials or the Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic Trial are also eligible to join this new free trial!" say Bioware in a post on the official TOR site. You can dive in via this TOR trial sign up page and learn more about the demo in the free trial FAQ.

Play Tera for 30 minutes in your browser for free

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Some people need to see things for themselves. If our Tera review wasn't enough to convince you one way or another if the new action-combat MMORPG from EnMasse Entertainment is for you, you can test it out yourself with no commitment.

EnMasse teamed up with Gaikai to offer their new demo through your browser, with no download.

Guild Wars 2 beta gets new content this weekend

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If you're one of the lucky thousands that got Guild Wars 2 beta keys from us last week on the site or during our livestream of the Gendarran Fields zone, your already-exciting weekend just got way better.

ArenaNet announced on their blog this morning that they're adding a heap of new content, upgrades, and features to this weekend's beta test. Here's the big stuff.

The Old Republic announces upcoming level cap, new species, new planet, and free trial

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BioWare just announced their plans for the next 6 months of The Old Republic at EA's big E3 press conference. They will be increasing the new MMO's level cap, adding Cathar as a playable species, and a whole new planet, new to Star Wars canon, to explore. For gamers not playing TOR, the devs are adding a limited free trial that allows you to play the entire game up until level 15 free.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial starts tomorrow

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If you're looking for something new to play this weekend, why not waggle a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Old Republic? A four day free trial kicks off tomorrow for those who haven't sampled one of the other free trial events that Bioware have been running recently.

As with those previous free weekend events, you won't need to feed your credit card details to Bioware's hungry Treasury Rancor (Bankor?) to get in, and you'll be able to get to level 15 and participate in PvP and flashpoints. Full details on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Sniper Elite V2 demo out now

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Sniper Elite V2 claims to feature "the most realistic simulation of military sharpshooting yet available" on its Steam page. The ballistics system takes "gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration" and "aim stability" into account every time you pull the trigger. Hit the target and you'll get to see your victim's demise in splattery detail via a hallucinatory slow motion death sequence. This gory epilogue peels back the victim's skin to show organs popping and bones shattering from the impact of your bullet as it passes through your enemy's squishy body. This feature is "not available in Germany."

If that sounds like the sort of shooter you might like to shoot guns in, you can take a few experimental pot shots now in a new demo, available on Steam. The full release is scheduled for May 4. Yesterday we learned that the team deathmatch mode that it ships with will be exclusive to the PC, which is nice. Check out the official Sniper Elite V2 site for more.

CraftStudio, "a game to make games," nearing funding goal on Indiegogo

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CraftStudio, an integrated set of collaborative game design tools, is nearing its $16,000 funding goal with a current balance of $12,010. Unlike Kickstarter projects, Indiegogo's "flexible funding" option will deliver the funds whether or not the goal is met.

The project, which began its funding campaign last month, is gaining public support for the reason most crowdfunded things do: it's pretty damn neat. CraftStudio offers blocky modeling, animation, level design, and game scripting tools in one package. It's a bit like a Minecraft-inspired GameMaker, except that its tools encompass the entire design workflow, and it's made to be a multiplayer experience, allowing "players" to collaborate in real time.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial kicks off today for new players

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A free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic ran last week, but not everyone got a chance to play. On the Bioware blog, the devs announce that they're kicking off another free trial weekend today for those who weren't involved in the last one. It's set to run until Monday at 2:00 am CDT / 7:00 am GMT and you can sign up now on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Take on colossal monsters with our RaiderZ alpha key giveaway

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Perfect World Entertainment wants you to see the great outdoors—then slay the gigantic monsters that populate the world of RaiderZ. This MMO is fashioned after the wildly popular Monster Hunter series, and is definitely one we're keeping our eyes on. But why not play it while you keep tabs on its humongous baddies?

Play Bastion in your browser

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Awesome indie action RPG Bastion is now available as a Chrome app. If you're surfing with Google's browser you can go to the Bastion app page now and click "launch app" and you'll dive straight in. You can play through the prologue for free and then unlock the rest of the game for $14.99. It runs beautifully, and even saves your game to your google account so you can pick up where you left off on any PC.

Supergiant made the announcement on the Bastion site, where they also mention "some more Bastion-related news tomorrow." Intriguing. If you're curious about Bastion, it's well worth checking out. We gave it a score of 92 in our Bastion review. Even if you already own the game, it's worth booting up the app to see how well it all works. It's a colourful glimpse into the exciting future of browser-based gaming.

Elementary My Dear Majesty becomes "first 3D hidden object adventure game for PC," out today

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Hidden object games test important life skills, like the ability to pick out that elusive bottle of ketchup in a well stocked fridge. They're a testament to the human ability to spectacularly fail to see things that are clearly right there in front of us, even when our girlfriends are literally pointing at them and saying "it's RIGHT THERE."

Even on a 2D plane, seeing objects when other objects are nearby can be tough. Bad news. The challenge of finding things in piles of other things is about to get harder. Elementary my Dear Majesty is adding the Z(omg)-axis to the equation, claiming to become "the first 3D hidden object adventure game for PC."

Batman: Arkham City demo available now through OnLive

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Batman: Arkham City is out today in the US, but Europeans will have to wait until Friday to save Gotham. Wherever you live, you can play a free demo of Batman: Arkham City right now through the cloud gaming service, OnLive.

Once you've signed up for a free account and downloaded the client simply search for Arkham City in the games list and launch the free trial. It's limited to 30 minutes, but that'll give you chance to take control of Catwoman and thrash some burly men with Arkham City's super slick combat system. Hold down the crouch button while moving for some comedy cat-crawling.

Football Manager 2012 demo out now

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The Football Manger 2012 demo is available now on Steam, offering the first half-season of 11 quick-start leagues set in England, Australia, Scotland, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. If you manage to put together a decent squad and can't bear to lose them, you'll be able to carry over all of your progress into the full version when it's released on October 21.

"The demo includes the biggest leagues in the world and allows you to put your managerial skills to the test on a global stage," reads the Steam blurb, which explains why it weighs in at just over 2.7 GB. That's 2.7 GB of pure, sweet footballing data. Yum.

Orcs must die! demo hits Steam!

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The Orcs have invaded Steam! Slay them with the demo of Orcs Must Die! Spotted on RPS! The full game is out next Wednesday October 12, which gives us days and days to practice planting traps and crossbow-blasting streams of green fools. There's 995 MB worth of Orcs to kill, and a pleasing variety of traps with which to do it. See a few of them in action in the interactive Orcs Must Die! trailer. You can pre-order the full version on Steam now at a discount and some shiny pre-order armour, which comes with a great big hammer. For killing Orcs, you understand.

The Sims 3 demo launched, runs in a browser

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EA have launched a Sims 3 demo that will theoretically run in your browser. The demo was announced on the EA site, spotted over on Blue's News, and contains "elements from The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 World Adventures."

EA's link doesn't seem to work, but we managed to launch the demo from the Gakai front page, the service providing the streaming tech behind the trial. The demo is time limited to 20 minutes. You'll be able to create a sim and lead them to their a gruesome death in an Egyptian pyramid, a haunted house and a vampire lair. Or you could keep them safe and watch them live long, happy fulfilled lives, but where's the fun in that?