The Sims 3 demo launched, runs in a browser

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EA have launched a Sims 3 demo that will theoretically run in your browser. The demo was announced on the EA site, spotted over on Blue's News, and contains "elements from The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 World Adventures."

EA's link doesn't seem to work, but we managed to launch the demo from the Gakai front page, the service providing the streaming tech behind the trial. The demo is time limited to 20 minutes. You'll be able to create a sim and lead them to their a gruesome death in an Egyptian pyramid, a haunted house and a vampire lair. Or you could keep them safe and watch them live long, happy fulfilled lives, but where's the fun in that?

PES 2012 demo released, with new teams, improved keepers and smarter defenders

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It's the battle of the football demos! EA released the Fifa 12 demo earlier today, now it's Pro Evo's turn to strike back with its second trial. You can download it now from the Konami site.

Spurs, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Rangers, Club America and Internacional are all playable in this version of the demo, which features a number of tweaks inspired by feedback from the first PES 2012 demo released several weeks ago. It's now harder to score, keepers have been improved and defenders are smarter, to the extent that defenders can become smart. The full release will put PES head to head with Fifa in North America on September 27, but Europeans will have to wait until October 14 to test those defenders properly.

Fifa 12 demo out now

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For the first time in years, the new Fifa on PC gets all the same bells and whistles as the console versions. That means we'll get the crunching tackles enabled by the Player Impact Engine. You can see the new tech in action right now, in the 1.5 GB Fifa 12 demo, which offers 3 minute matches in Man City's Etihad arena. Arsenal, Man City, Barcelona, Milan, Marseille, and Borussia Dortmund are all playable, and the demo includes a series of tutorials to teach you the finer arts of tackling horribly late and mangling up your opponent. Fifa 12 is out on September 27 in the US, and September 30 in Europe.

Hard Reset demo out now

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A demo for cyberpunk electro-blaster Hard Reset is out now on Steam. The sturdy gigabyte download drops you into an alleyway with an enormous gun and some scurrying bots. Don't expect any scoping or cover system here. Let rip with your minigun on full automatic and shoot the future in the face.

It's pretty, too. The PC exclusive shooter is built on Flying Wild Hog's own Road Hog engine, designed from the ground up to render Hard Reset's glistening urban cityscapes. While you're waiting for the download to finish, have a read more about the devs' design philosophy in our Hard Reset interview.

It's out on September 13 and will cost just £22.99 / $29.99. You can pre-order now from Steam to get a 10% discount.

Scoregasm demo dishes out neon hyper-death

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It's a fact that if you create a kaleidoscopic shooter and call it "Scoregasm" a certain number of people will click on it in principle. I know, because I am one of those people. If you're not too busy being hypnotised by the blaze of colours and explosions in the trailer above, you might be interested in the brand new Scoregasm demo, which you can download right now from the Rock Paper Shotgun. It provides 30 to 60 minutes of explodey action for a 48 megabyte download.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 demo out now

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[bcvideo id="1116051116001"]
Konami have released the first of two planned demos for the latest edition of Pro Evo. CVG point towards the download link right here, with word that it contains a few training challenges and lets you play a ten minute game with Manchester United, AC Milan, Porto, Napoli, Santos and C.A. Panarol. This demo is based on preview code, a second demo is planned for release in mid-September ahead of its September 27 launch in the US. It's out on October 14 in Europe.

The trailer above shows off a few new features, like active AI that will make more aggressive runs into open space, and improved off-the-ball control that let you exploit flaws in opponents' formations during set pieces. The AI is so improved that referees will even play advantage. If you're not keen on how this trial plays, it might be worth another shot when the second one is released next month. It's a demo of two halves, after all.

Space Marine disappears from UK Steam store, demo out now

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Space Marine has vanished from the Steam store in the UK, which is going to make it harder for Brits to get hold of the new demo that's just been released. RPS helpfully provide a workaround link for UK Steam users eager to brain some Orks.

It's unclear why Space Marine has vanished, but it reminds us of Brink's recent disappearance. That game didn't turn up until weeks after launch. Hopefully Space Marine won't suffer the same fate.

If the demo isn't enough to tide you over until Space Marine's release on September 6 in the US (September 9 in Europe), then check out the video interview with Space Marine's lead voice actor above. He offers various arguments supporting his decision to voice a Space Marine, though we all know the real reason. His name is MARK STRONG.

Space Marine demo incoming

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A post on the Space Marine site, spotted by Evil Avatar announces that a demo for Space Marine will be arriving next Tuesday August 23. It'll let us take control of Captain Titus for two levels. The first will let us murder a horde of Orks at the gates of a munitions factory using a selection of six weapons, including a chainsword and a bolter. The second section will let us try out Space Marine's assault pack.

Assault packs are essentially jetpacks, but because this is Warhammer 40,000 they're twice the size you'd expect and can be used to kill. In Space Marine you can blast yourself over a horde of enemies and then use your jets to fire yourself at the ground. Anything you hit explodes with the impact. Whoosh-BANG. Check out the latest Space Marine trailer for more.

Frozen Synapse demo now available

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Frozen Synapse is brilliant, 89% brilliant, in fact, which is why the release of a demo on the Frozen Synapse site is brilliant news. The 131MB download contains three demo missions and an instant skirmish option that will randomly generate an arena and some pawns to control. The multiplayer option is locked off, sadly. Frozen Synapse excels when you're facing off against human opponents, but don't worry, the AI is capable of giving new players a run for their money. Frozen Synapse is available to buy from the Frozen Synapse site and Steam.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War demo out now

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If you fancy a spot of in-depth warmongering over the weekend, you might want to check out the new Supreme Ruler: Cold War demo, spotted by RPS. The demo is available to download from the Supreme Ruler site now and the Paradox Youtube channel has a selection of tutorial videos to get you started. The full game will let you take control of the Russians or the Americans in campaign mode, or almost any European country in sandbox mode.

Whichever side you choose to take, you'll have to use espionage, trade, research and lots of tanks to expand your influence. The full game is out now, and available to buy on GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Impulse. Read our Supreme Ruler preview for more.

Star Ruler demo is out now, is on sale on Steam

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4X galaxy conquering game Star Ruler now has a demo available ahead of its upcoming September retail release. Star Ruler has a procedurally generated 3D galaxy that can spawn up to 10,000 star systems into your game. With numerous research and diplomatic routes at your disposal, there are nearly limitless possibilites to explore. Just be careful not to go space-mad.

Upon the release of the retail version, Blind Mind are planning a massive update that will add new features for owners of the digital version of the game. You can grab the demo from the here. The game's currently available on Steam, too, and is currently on sale at 66% off.

A New Beginning demo is eco-thrilling

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The first English language demo of ‘eco-thriller adventure’ game A New Beginning has been made available. From German developers Daedalic Entertainment, A New Beginning puts you in the shoes of Fay, one of small group of humans left alive on Earth in the year 2500. With the planet ravaged by climate change Fay is sent back in time to try to steer humanity from a path to disaster.

The demo features the prologue and parts of the first chapter of the game. The point and click adventure game picked up three trophies at the German Developer Awards, including Best Story and Best Soundtrack. You can download the demo from Strategy Informer or Worth Playing.

Whoever said games can’t teach us anything about the environment clearly hasn’t played this.

Duke Nukem demo out now on Steam

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Following an earlier announcement on the 2K Games forums, the Duke Nukem Forever demo is available to download now on Steam. You an get our verdict on the Duke's latest, long overdue outing in our Duke Nukem Forever review. Earlier today we mentioned that Take Two recently said that they're not done with the Duke just yet, suggesting that there might well be more Duke games in the pipeline. Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

Vertex Dispenser demo out now on Steam

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The video above is a trailer for Vertex Dispenser, a new indie puzzle game in which you must surround segments of a shape to capture it, and then the colours of your captured vertices to gain power for special abilities. You don't just fight for control of doughnuts, there are hundreds of shapes and maps to master. It's an RTS/puzzle game that seems to be designed to melt your brain from within. RPS have word that there's a demo out right now on Steam. Go forth and conquer those doughnuts, in the name of PC Gamer.

Duke Nukem Forever demo available now to First Access Club members

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Gearbox announce that who pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever, or bought the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands can now download the Duke Nukem Forever playable demo. All you have to do is whack your code into the box on the Duke Nukem access site and get downloading. Gearbox haven't mentioned a date for a full public release of the demo, but it seems likely it'll hit alongside the release of the full game on June 14 in the US, and June 10 everywhere else. Don't worry if you can't play the demo yet, console yourself with the new launch trailer, released yesterday.

Dungeon Siege 3 demo arriving in June

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If you're itching for a fresh action RPG ahead of the upcoming Diablo 3 beta, then a Dungeon Siege 3 demo might be just the ticket. A Square Enix newsletter uncovered by Strategy Informer revealed a June 7 release date for the trial, ten days before the game's full release. There's no news on what the demo will contain, but hopefully it'll give us a chance to try out the four player co-op.

Dungeon Siege's central strategic conceit has players changing stances to access different skills, but the game is very flexible with its definition of a "stance." Close combat warrior Lucas shifts his footing and raises his sword to access his alternative move set, while female mage Anjali turns blue and naked, and catches fire. It's never the men who turn blue and naked, is it?

For more of an idea of what to expect, get to grips with our Dungeon Siege 3 hands on, or check out the official Dungeon Siege 3 site.

Cargo! demo! Out now!

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Here's a wonderful slice of free insanity for a Friday. Ice-Pick Lodge's vibrant entertain-'em-up has you building bizarre contraptions to amuse a race of naked baby-men. The new demo throws you onto a small island to learn the ways of the weird new world, in which you must collect and sacrifice objects to the gods to unlock new items. These can then be put together in the editor mode to create new vehicles or strange machines to inspire the island's inhabitants, generating "fun" that can be used to buy more impressive stuff, like steamships. The 800MB demo is available to download from the Cargo! site now. There's nothing quite like it.

Panzer Command: Ostfront demo out now

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The third Panzer Command game is out this week, and there's now a playable demo offering a tutorial and a scenario battle that can be fought against the AI, or in multiplayer against other players. The full version of the realistic tank commanding sim includes 60 missions spread across ten campaigns, a level editor, and randomly generated scenarios. It's out on Wednesday, and you'll find more info on the Panzer Command site. The demo is available now from Gamer's Hell, Atomic Gamer, Worth Playing and Game Front.

Theatre of War 3: Korea demo gives you one hour of war

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If you fancy getting into an extremely detailed war sim today, RPS have spotted a new demo for Theatre of War 3. The trial gives you sixty minutes of unrestricted access to the game's singleplayer and multiplayer modes and even the mission editor. The Theatre of War games have always been challenging and detailed war sims, with a heavy emphasis on spotting, micromanagement, and carefully maintaining your heavy armour against every mathematically modelled shell. The game's out now, and you can find out more on the official Theatre of War 3: Korea site. You'll find the launch trailer below.

Bulletstorm demo now available

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The game's been out for six weeks, but if you've been waiting to try Epic's insane shooter, then now's your chance. The new singleplayer demo provides one of Bulletstorm's Echoes missions, a level from halfway through the singleplayer campaign that can be replayed to try and get the best possible score. As well as the default (and boring) assault rifle, you can play with the super-accurate revolver and the chain gun, which shoots explosive bolas' that can be detonated once they're wrapped around your enemies. The demo skips past the slow-burn intro and lets you get straight to the improvised murder. Grab it now on Steam.