UK readers: win a Radeon HD 5770

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To celebrate Battlefield Bad Company 2, DICE have given us a Radeon HD 5770. Do you want it? What would you do to get it? To find out what you'll need to do to win, and for some more info on Onslaught mode, read on.

PC Gamer Game Club: Week 1 - Deus Ex

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Want to play PC games with like minded friends? You've found the right place. A group of our readers have organised the PC Gamer game club on our forum. It works like a book club - the group decides to play a game, they all go off and play it for a week or two, and then they return to the thread to discuss it. We'll be featuring the best of these discussions here on the front page. Below the cut are some reader impressions of Deus Ex, which they played last week. This week, they're doing X-COM: UFO Defense - get involved via the PC Gamer forum.

Welcome to PC Gamer

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PC Gamer launched back in 1993. It was an incredible time for the PC; games like Doom, Ultima VII, and Syndicate were showing the power and flexibility of an open gaming platform. PC Gamer's rise reflected that. The magazine rapidly became the global authority on PC games – with the best writers, the most extraordinary scoops and fair, honest reviews. We’ve sold millions of copies all over the world, and we’ve been online in one form or another for over a decade. Now, we’re starting a new era…

Get one of 20,000 APB beta keys just by signing up

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Welcome to the PC Gamer community: your first task is to click that Register button on the top right. Do it soon enough, and registering with us will not only let you add your voice to the smartest, wittiest, gaming-est PC games site on the internet, but also access to the APB beta.

20,000 community members will each receive a key for the APB beta, granting free access to the online car-crunching cops and robbers game until June 19. Download the client from and create your character; we’ll start sending keys out daily on June 14 until our supply is exhausted.

Update! The beta has now ended.

PC Gamer US servers

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Got servers? We do. Here are all the details you'll need to hop in a game with PC Gamer US.

The complete list of PC Gamer's game servers

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Courtesy of the kind folks at Multiplay, PC Gamer maintains servers for various games. They're magical wonderlands where all your dreams can come true, especially if you dream of being ridden down a corridor with a crazed, giggling monkey-man on your head, or fighting developers inside their own games. Here's the current run-down of what we're playing and how you can join in.

Join the PC Gamer World of Warcraft Guild

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There's never been a better time to join the PC Gamer Guild. We have over 700 active members on the Steamwheedle Cartel server, and we're always raiding, gearing, and showing the Alliance how to die very quickly. It's the friendliest guild in the world, and we're always recruiting. Just add 'Teem' to your friend list and ask for an invite when he logs on. You can also browse the PC Gamer World of Warcraft Guild sub-forum right here on the site and see what our brave adventurers have been up to.

Join the PC Gamer Steam Community

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Ever wanted to get stabbed by a News Editor? The PC Gamer Steam Community group is over 31,000 strong, and it's only getting stronger. We have a well-policed TF2 server that's creaking with players, a chat channel bristling with cheerful gamers who'd just love to kill you, and a forum where you can organise games in advance and recount your victories, defeats, and the time Robin Walker popped by to kill everyone with his rapid-fire magical rocket launcher.