PCG's ArmA adventures - "In Which A Volcano Kills Us All"

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As we do on most Saturdays, our ArmA 2 community rallied in Ventrilo last week to cooperate in the shooting of AI-controlled men. We did it with guns--realistic ones. Tangos were downed. Rules of engagement were occasionally observed. Compasses were used to indicate direction.

But there was also a volcano: a chimney of earth-hate overlooking our perfectly ordinary raid of an insurgent village. The volcano was angry. It melted the tires on our truck. Without warning, magma bombs began to fall all around us. The volcano's artillery nearly claimed me--a medic had to revive me amid the panic. We sardined ourselves into a Russian helicopter to escape. It didn't work.

The PC Gamer EU DC Universe Online League now recruiting

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Calling all heroes! If you're playing DC Universe Online then you should totally join the brand new, super heroic PC Gamer league of heroes. Join us in our epic quest to find the Joker and punch him in the face. You'll find details on how to sign up below.

Free, amusing PC Gamer Christmas wallpapers now available!

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We love Christmas at PC Gamer. Well, that's not entirely true. We love playing PC Games, and we end up doing a lot of that at Christmas. We love Christmas by association.

To celebrate, we've created three bespoke Christmassy wallpapers for you to download. Unless you've got three monitors (as discussed in the most recent PC Gamer US podcast) you'll only be able to use one at a time. Set your wallpapers to rotate if you can't decide. Don't know how to do that? Just use the first one.

Progress report from PC Gamer Minecraft Republic

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World of Warcraft isn't the only place PC Gamer readers have been braving a cataclysm! Residents of the PC Gamer Minecraft Republic have recently braved all manner of natural upheaval: lands torn asunder as mountains appeared, oceans engulfed, and lush green valleys turned into barren deserts! But through it all, the brave citizens of the PC Gamer Republic continue to build.

Following up on our earlier report, I'm proud to say that new lands have been claimed in the name of the Republic as more visitors continue to arrive on our fair shores and, despite some criminals vandalizing public buildings, many great buildings continue to arise from nothingness, thanks to dedicated builders! We've got full details and screenshots of the best creations made within the past month below.

PC Gamer Game Club Week 12: Torchlight

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Every week the PC Gamer Game Club picks a new game to play and discuss. All sorts of games have featured so far, from classic real time strategy games like Age of Empires 2 to the grim survival horror shooter STALKER. This week the brilliant action RPG, Torchlight is under the microscope. All you need to get involved is a copy of the game in question. Read on for details.

Last night, on the PC Gamer ArmA server...

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Good men died on our ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead server ("The War Walrus," as we like to call it) last night. Brave, strong, 15-year-old men died. But they did it nobly: we were on a morning raid to rescue four members of the press (in our imagination, courageous game writers captured by the enemy). Along the way, we shot down a helicopter with light machine guns. Here's how it went down.

Giveaway-- Play with PCG Global Agenda

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Are you ready for Wednesday Night's Global Agenda Event? This is your less-than-24-hours reminder. As mentioned earlier, PC Gamer will be having an event in-game trying our hands on Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. We can't wait to blast some spooky ghouls with you in our finely crafted PC Gamer brand power suits, and hope you'll join us in-game tomorrow!

The details:

Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST
Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.
Raids will occur every 30 minutes

Make up a battle cry that PC Gamer should use in tonight's raid and post in the comments below. Battle cry should be family friendly and non-offensive. The first fifteen entries with a valid battle cry will win a copy of Global Agenda.

This contest is open to everyone.

New discoveries! Charting the PC Gamer Republic in Minecraft

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With towering stone hotels, floating islands, and lava flowing freely from our very bedrooms, the brave PC Gamer Republic is being colonized at an incredible pace. Re-entering PCG Republic with an expedition force, I've scoured the land to make contact with local citizens. Below is a photograph we took during our flyover this morning and a documentation of our exploration.

Play with PC Gamer - Global Agenda Halloween event

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Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog.

Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.

Strike the earth! The PC Gamer Minecraft server is open

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Behold, PC Gamer Republic! PC Gamer’s Minecraft paradise, and your next forced labor destination. Gaze upon your new home: a rolling plain of petting zoos and unaccommodating mining camps, interrupted only by the pristine seas that we haven’t figured out how to exploit yet.

We’re opening PC Gamer Republic to the public today. Reach it at We’ve already been tinkering around in it for a few days, inviting our pals from Maximum PC and @Gamer to cobble up some initial stuff. But now that it's public, here’s our pitch: build fantastic stuff on our server, send us a photo (or YouTube clip) to, and we’ll feature it on the website in our regular (weekly, maybe) updates.

PCG’s World of Warcraft guild: September update

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Each month, Akee will be bringing you updates on the kind of crazy king-slaying japes our brave band of adventurers get up to in the PC Gamer UK World of Warcraft guild.  To see what we've been up to this month, read on.

The Five Wonders of PC Gaming - PAX panel

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Still bummed out that you weren't able to make it up to PAX this year to participate in the PC Gamer panel? Be bummed out no longer, faithful readers! We've uploaded the audio of the entire shindig onto our website for all to enjoy.* In the panel, titled "The Five Wonders of PC Gaming", we talk about everything that makes gaming on the PC a uniquely awesome experience, including the recent indie blowup Minecraft, StarCraft II, the classic Chex Quest, and flight sim enthusiasts.

Download it here!

*For maximum enjoyment, shout out your own questions during the Q&A segment and pretend that we're responding directly to you!

Get in on the MicroVolts beta just by signing up

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If you create a PC Gamer account, we love you. Our way of showing you this is to get you free access to closed betas from time to time, and we're about to do just that for playful online shooter MicroVolts. It's like a third-person Team Fortress 2, but you're tiny, so whole maps play out in bedrooms and backyards. You need to be signed up to receive our newsletter, which is ticked by default when you create an account. If you're not already a member of our community, just take a sec to sign up - we'll be sending these keys out at 5pm BST (12 noon EDT). 

Where in the world is PC Gamer?

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A PC Gamer reader was recently spotted in Tunisia. By his girlfriend, that is. This is Laurence Kettle reading his Christmas 09 issue in Tunisia, and his holiday snap got us thinking. Do you go to interesting, sexy places and take your PC Gamer UK or US with you? Well, whip it out, man! Then send us a picture.

Win every past and future Valve game

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Imagine never paying for a Valve game ever again. That's exactly what you could win if you enter the competition featured in this month's UK edition of PC Gamer. We're giving away ten exclusive Steam accounts that could make such fevered madness a reality by not only gifting you every Valve game made so far, but eventually Half-Life 3, Team Fortress 5 and Portal 7.

Radeon HD 5770 competition: we have a winner

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Remember that graphics card we were giving away? We'd like to announce the winner. Here we go:

Play with us! The PC Gamer Virtual LAN - Saturday, July 31

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We like LAN parties. But we hate the massive cost of flying thousands of our readers out on a solid-steel dirigible or winged locomotive just so they can beat us at Team Fortress 2. It's expensive. So we thought: how can we host a kickass LAN party for any PC gamer that wants to join without (most) of the hard work? As with most of life's complex dilemmas, the answer was "The Internet."

Beginning next Saturday at 12 PM Pacific (that's 3 PM Eastern), we're hosting PC Gamer's first Virtual LAN--a day-long binge of multiplayer games on our dedicated servers that you can join. Click within for a full schedule of what you can play with us.

TweetTalk: Do Steam MMO achievements matter?

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Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMO prized for its crafting system, gritty setting, and skill-based shooter mechanics, announced this week that they were adding Steam achievements. And in typical MMO "go big or go home" fashion, they rolled out with over 500 of 'em, ranging from straight forward exploration ("Tourist: Lost City - Take in the view at Lost City") to skills ("Expert Scrounger - Raise your Scavenging Skill to 164") to generic grinding ("Curing the Blight - Kill Blight Wolves").

This got me wondering--are Steam achievements going to catch on for PC games, becoming the wild inferno fueling impulsive game buying for the sole purpose of earning achievements, like they are for the XBOX trophy system? I have my own opinion, but I took the question to Twitter to see what you guys think.

This is the best PC games collection we've seen

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We've been asking you silly readers a lot of questions on the monstrously popular PC Gamer Facebook group. A couple of days ago, we asked you to post a photo or picture of you PC game collection. This is Brian Smith's collection. Just look at this lot!

PC Gamer Game Club: Week 2 – X-COM

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For the second week of the PC Gamer Game Club, the collective of gamers have agreed to purchase, install, and play X-COM: UFO Defense and then have a chat about it. To find out what they thought, read on.