Spend Valentine's Day with PC Gamer in Rift

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I'm starting to suspect that Valentine's Day is more about seasonal MMO events than it is about intimacy or affection or spending time with a loved one. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

As we reported last week, Rift are celebrating the gift card industry's happiest day of the year with an attempt to break the Guiness world record for most in-game marriages in a day. We'll be taking part: at 7.00pm GMT tonight on the European Icewatch server, Tom Senior and I will be tying the virtual knot. This is what we are actually doing with our Valentine's evening. We'd like you to join us. Please?

We've upgraded our Minecraft US server. Come build with us!

Josh Augustine at

You all have built some amazing things on our Minecraft server over the past year, and we're excited to keep things going! We recently upgraded our server's hardware and software to boost performance and allow for more simultaneous users, and we added some new plugins to keep things interesting.

Check out the video that Jpang (one of the server's volunteer moderators) made to showcase the awesome things the community has built, and then come join us!

Server IP address:
Steam group:
Contact mdoerators:

How one WoW fan is memorializing the big bad bosses of yesteryear

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Cataclysm might’ve saved Azeroth, but Andrew Kuhar believes that the old world deserved a proper send off. We talked with the longtime World of Warcraft player and PCG reader about the vintage posters themed after old school bosses he’s making, and what the heck that really abstract one is all about. Best of all, you can download these gorgeous posters with the click of your mouse—just click which ones you want (we recommend all of them) and you'll be downloading the 50MB original file in no time. We wouldn't be offended if you took 'em to the printers to be made into actual posters; there's no doubt that your end-game experience will be enhanced as you reflect on bosses past, staring at your from your wall, while you raid the newest content.

Watch PC Gamer's epic Supreme Commander game

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[bcvideo id="1094997016001"]

On Thursday we mentioned a massive game of Supreme Commander between six PC Gamer writers and two overpowered AIs. There's a write up of it in the new issue of PC Gamer UK, and we finally found time to record it as a video for anyone who wants to see it for themselves.

Graham and I do our best to commentate what's going on - please forgive my erratic observing, our patchy memories, and the bits where our voices go too quiet. We know how to fix the latter in future. There is no known fix for my numerical skills - I manage to kick this off by claiming we're playing against six AIs, when the whole point is that we outnumber them.

If the embed above doesn't work for you, check it out on our YouTube channel.

PC Gamer's epic Supreme Commander co-op match

Tom Francis at

In the new issue of PC Gamer UK, you can read about a vast game of Supreme Commander we played against two of the most powerful AI opponents possible. It was six PC Gamer writers versus two AIs, and the robocarnage was pretty spectacular. If you have Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, you can grab the replay of our match here and watch it for yourself. If not, here's a gallery of shots from the game.

We're also turning it into a video anyone can watch, with commentary from us, so stay tuned for that. You can bookmark or subscribe to our Supreme Commander tag (RSS) and it'll pop up there.

If you're watching the replay in-game, here are a few things you may need:

DreamHack Summer 2011 recap: The Promised LAN

George "Kast" Stipick at

DreamHack Summer 2011 has come and gone, leaving a rush of exciting replays and up-and-coming teams in its wake. But what if you weren't fortunate enough to make it out to Sweden and see LAN-party Mecca for yourself? We've got an in-depth recap of the electrifying event from Borderland Gaming's own Kast, who commentated at the event and lived to tell about it.

Community Guide: League of Legends' Tristana

Andrew Beck at

For the past week, the PC Gamer community focused their attention on playing League of Legends’ Tristana. We found camaraderie in the PC Gamer chatroom in LoL, with over fifty players at any given time meeting together and arranging teams for epic clashes. The only rule: someone on each team had to play Tristana. Readers and writers laid their best skills on the field of battle, and walked away with bitter shame or glorious honor. The conflicts ended in everything from narrow victories to complete crushings, but GG, they were fun!

Call to Arms: League of Legends' Tristana [come play with us!]

Andrew Beck at

We periodically host Call to Arms events that rally the entire PC Gamer community behind a single MOBA character for a full week of sweet, sweet gaming bliss. Our goal is to have fun and put our collective heads together to develop a community strategy guide for that particular character. This week, we're making it super accessible by choosing League of Legends' Tristana, who's free to play this week. Join us, and share in the glory by downloading League of Legend's client for free here.

Tristana – The Megling Gunner
Rocket-jumping is a time-honored, well-loved PC gaming tradition. For years, we've launched ourselves to the heavens with a fiery explosion and fired rockets mid-air at unsuspecting enemies during its sacred ritual. Enemies stand in awe as we rain death upon them from on high. Whether you mastered the skill in Quake or struggled with the timing as a Soldier in Team Fortress 2, now is your time to shine! Rocket-jumping isn't just for FPSes anymore--you can find that same addictive joy in League of Legends.

PC Gamer Terraria servers now live!

Tom Senior at

We have a brand new PC Gamer Terraria server! After lengthy debate, we decided to call it the "PCGamerraria" Join us at Port:8477 and help us find all the floating islands and underground jungles. Help us dig a hole to the bottom of the world, and build towers to the very top. Help us raid the dungeon at the end of the word and, most importantly of all help us finally kill that goddamn Guide NPC once and for all.

UPDATE: Thanks to extreme demand and a goblin invasion, we have created two bonus servers. Click through for all the details you need.

Join Heroes of Newerth's [PCGC], the official PC Gamer clan!

Lucas Sullivan at

MOBAs are always better when you're playing with friends. Whether you win or lose, it's guaranteed to feel that much better if you're praising your buddy's clutch Javelin of Light, or laughing off a whiffed Guttling Hook. Whether or not you're familiar with these abilities, we'd love to fight by your side or teach you the ropes in Heroes of Newerth. Read on to find out how you can get involved in what is sure to be the HoN (casual) clan of the century.

PC Gamer wants YOU for the Coconut Monkey army! [HoN, BLC]

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All your life, you've known that you were born to be a leader. But you never yet got the chance to rise up and guide your fellow gamers, forming alliances with bonds stronger than blood. That is, until today. PC Gamer wants you to enlist in the Coconut Monkey army, becoming the leader you were destined to be. If you consider yourself a dedicated, amicable general in Heroes of Newerth or Bloodline Champions, it's time to answer the call.

Join the PC Gamer clan in Bloodline Champions!

Lucas Sullivan at

One of the greatest free-to-play games out there just isn't getting enough attention. Bloodline Champions boils the MOBA down to its core element, team combat, and strips out the frivolous things, like items, creeps, levels, and mana—it's just you, your cooldowns, and your teammates, taking on all comers. Despite a bit of a learning curve, we thoroughly enjoyed BLC's fast-paced, deathmatch-style gameplay. As of this morning, the long awaited Clan functionality has finally been implemented—and the newly-formed Coconut Monkeys Clan (tag: PCG) is accepting any and all.

The weekend playlist

Tom Senior at

The weekend is here. Which means it's time to throw off the shackles of tedium and devote our time and energy to our pixelated passions. Here's what we're going to be playing over the weekend. Do let us know what you'll be up-to in the comments.

League of Legends comic roundup: Godlike!

Lucas Sullivan at

I can't help it—I love me some League of Legends, and it seems that I am not alone. Part of what makes Riot Games' MOBA so great is the variety of its characters, and how iconic they are—so iconic, in fact, that they've inspired heaps of fan art, most of which is (surprisingly) grade-A quality. Usually quickly lost on the LoL message boards among pages of complaints about Magma Chamber and other trolololing, I recently found two websites dedicated to collecting great LoL fan art. It was kind of like exploring a Pharaoh's tomb, albeit one filled with Teemo comics instead of preserved organs. I've put together some samples of the best artists and cartoonists out there, with links to archives of their LoL-inspired work.

The 100 game giveaway! (US only)

Logan Decker at

Observe, if you will, our Facebook page. As of this writing, we count 92,271 intrepid souls among our fans--a number that grows, inexorably, with every passing day. Our forces grow stronger even as I write this, and when we top 100,000 fans, our army shall be unstoppable.

In order to hasten the advancement of our forces and to reward the courageous and forward-thinking fans who have made us the number one source of news in the whole world devoted exclusively to the great wonder that is PC gaming, I, Logan Decker, decree that we shall give away 100 games this week. That’s 20 per day, in a different genre each day, every day of the week through Friday.

Kill us! Play on the PC Gamer official Crysis 2 server

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As PC Gamer editors, we've sworn an elaborate blood oath by which all of our waking time, in some fashion, must benefit our readers. When we're not writing, we're required to be playing games with you: League of Legends, TF2, ArmA 2. Today, we've added a Crysis 2 server (the "Sad Nun") to that set of multiplayer arenas. Here's the info:

Name: PC Gamer | Sad Nun - CrySister

If our turf is too intimidating, we'd encourage you to consider our provider, Art of War Central, for a server of your own. Like a reliable, server-running bumblebee, AoWC has pollinated our multiplayer play for more than a year. Once you've played a bit, feel free to suggest specific server settings (we'd like to keep it ranked, for now) or map rotations in the comments or on our Crysis 2 community forum.

Hardcore war: watch me play ArmA 2 with proper tactics

Evan Lahti at

There are tactical gaming communities that engineer ArmA like mad military scientists--they meticulously create custom maps, apply rigid rules of engagement and proper radio protocol to produce precise, elegant war cooperation. Legion of Sparta is one of them. Last week, we wrote about the group's project to remake Ghost Recon: Island Thunder in ArmA 2. I joined their most recent session--deftly captured and edited by community member Fatal Papercut. Men died. Airplanes blew up. I'm the one with the beard and the high explosives.

What games will you play this weekend?

Graham Smith at

Every weekend begins with a dream: to sit at home, in front of our PCs, and play games until we fall asleep. The problem? There are too many games to choose from. As a result, we spend most of Friday thinking about what we're going to play and planning in advance. Maybe you have this problem too, maybe you're looking for suggestions for what you could try, and maybe you have suggestions for us. Read on for the PC Gamer team's ideas for what to play this weekend.

Play with PC Gamer: Join our guild in The Old Republic!

Anthony Valva at

PC Gamer currently has the largest guild in The Old Republic--and the game isn't even out yet! BioWare launched a guild website that allows you to create and join guilds, which will carry over to the game when it launches (no pre-order required). And we want YOU! Our prestigious guild, Coconut Monkeys, is sending out the call: join us and together we can rule the galaxy as editor and reader!

PC Gamer's terrifying Battle Bus is why you should play ArmA 2

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While other, less war-hungry citizens of Earth were watching a movie awards show last weekend, our insane ArmA 2 community was violating seven protocols of the Geneva Convention by taking over an entire country with a weaponized bus. Here's a video of how we did it.