Bejeweled 3 is out, PopCap throw living room launch party

Tom Senior

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PopCap tea party

World of Warcraft players will be celebrating the release of Cataclysm tonight with an international series of glamorous midnight launch parties. PopCap have taken a cosier approach, hosting the Bejeweled 3 launch party in somebody's front room, with a fine selection of tea and biscuits.

Attending the event was a cross section of casual gamers, including "a Women's Institute secretary; a granny; a Welsh librarian; a glamorous banker and a trendy dad." The group was picked as a result of the outcome of a survey of 2000 gamers, which suggests that the average casual gamer is "a 45 year old mum called Sue".

Bejeweled 3 is out today. You can find more information about the game on PopCap's site. For Bejeweled's exciting origin story, have a look at our interview with PopCap's John Vechey . Meanwhile here's a trailer showing some of Bejeweled 3's new game modes in action.

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