Battlefield 4 video showcases updated engine with nice waves and soldiers falling over cones

Tom Senior

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Don't say "levolution," don't say "levolution" OH NO THEY SAID IT. Bah. It's worth wading through the buzzwords in this Battlefield 4 video though for a look at what the latest iteration of the engine can do. EA have employed DICE to free them from the cash-drain of third-party engine licenses with their own bespoke tech, so Frostbite will be ubiquitous among EA titles for many years to come. Every engine has a flavour , don't you find? Unreal has its super-chunky character models. Source has its hoppy crouch-jumping and regular loading breaks. What will Frostbite's be? Based on Battlefield 3, I thought it'd be glistening camera-smear. Never have soldiers gone to war with such dirty eyeballs. See if the situation has improved in the video below.

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