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Tom Hatfield


Graham and his GTA4 Superman Mods eh? They feature the man of steel taking to the skies then running into a lamp post. Was he revealing one of his deepest secrets? No.

Less heroic news can be found after the jump.

  • VG247 say Pro Evolution Soccer 12 will be released on October 14.
  • Gameinformer talks to the Dishonored developers about morality systems.
  • Gamespot reports that THQ made a $38.4 million dollar loss.
  • CVG have some new screens for The Old Republic, which is apparently breaking pre-order records.
  • VG247 spot a tweet from Valve saying they are working on a new matchmaking system and 'some social things' for DotA 2.

Readers! If you could have any game based superpower, what would it be?

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