A guide to Skyrim's prettiest locations

I've heard talk that vanilla Skyrim isn't pretty. Balderdash! Sure, it's got a few muddy textures, but I think it deserves a ton of recognition for the scale and artistry of its environments. To that end, I've created a video featuring my favorite places in the game, which I've dubbed “Koyaaniskyrim.”

The only modifications I made were a few config edits to increase level of detail at distance, and console commands to free up the camera and mess with the passage of time. The tweak guide over at Dead End Thrills explains the config changes, and most of the console commands I used can be found at The Elder Scrolls Wiki . Here's a list of the basics, in case you're bitten by the Skyrim filmmakin' bug:

coc [cell ID] – Teleport to a given cell ID (e.g. "BlackreachCity"). A complete list can be found at http://www.skyrimsearch.com/cells.php .

sgtm [x] – The "set global time modifier" command can be used to slow down and speed up time.

set timescale to [x] – Modify the speed of the night/day cycle.

tfc – Toggle the free camera.

tcl – Toggle collision.


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