League of Legends Worlds 2014 - Singapore group stage breakdown

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The first week of the League of Legends 2014 World Championship has come and gone, and like Typhoon Fung-wong's visit on the last day of the spectacle, rained its fair share of drama across the international field. Though the concluding results were largely within expectations, there were some close shaves—Taiwan's own ahq e-Sports Club, largely written off in the face of the threat posed by Samsung White and Edward Gaming, rallied in a show of strength and came within a tiebreaker game of advancing to the Busan, South Korean quarterfinals stage.

But the teams of Groups A and B are only half of the contenders for the world championship title—and the remainders are all the premier heavyweights of League of Legends competitive play. These are the names to know as the pan-Asian Worlds circuit reaches the city-state of Singapore.

Rising Storm gets free Armored Assault content update

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Our 2013 multiplayer game of the year just got a little better. Tripwire Interactive has been great about adding content to Rising Storm for free after release, and today it did again with the Armored Assault: Free Content Pack. To celebrate, the game is only $5 until September 26.

Black Hat Oculus takes asymmetrical co-op to virtual reality

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Between Nosgoth, Evolve, and the recently announced "Be the Zombie" mode for Dying Light, it seems like we're about to play quite a few asymmetrical multiplayer games. Instead of seeking perfect balance, they give each team a completely different experience. But what about asymmetrical cooperative? Black Hat Oculus wants to explore that idea, and it wants to do it in virtual reality.

A newbie plays Dwarf Fortress: Ep. 11

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In episode 11 of PC Gamer's Dwarf Fortress series, Wes and Will move past their medical crisis to focus on more important things: a new trade caravan! Also, they eat cupcakes.

Watch System Shock developers play and talk about the seminal game

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Before there was Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite there was System Shock. Released 20 years ago, the original Shock had a huge influence on the games industry and the Bioshock games in particular, of course. If you're curious about System Shock, this video of the developers playing and talking about it is a must watch.

Oculus Connect interview: Lucky's Tale developers on finding the "Mario brick" for VR platformers

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Before I tried on the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype, the best VR experience I'd had was playing platformer Lucky's Tale back at E3. The charming platformer works amazingly well in virtual reality, and I was eager to talk to Playful Studios CEO Paul Bettner about how the game has progressed since E3, and what he thought of the new prototype hardware. I ended up talking to Bettner and Lucky's Tale director Dan Hurd about redefining the 3D platformer in virtual reality, the importance of positional audio, and how much more challenging level design can be in VR.

Also, Bettner gave me a rough window for Lucky's Tale release. He plans to have the game out in the first half of 2015, before the release of the consumer Oculus Rift. Check out the full interview below.

Roundabout is out and this launch trailer is crazy

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This launch trailer for Roundabout doesn't really make sense, but neither does the game's basic premise—something like a combination of Crazy Taxi, Katamari Damacy and 90s FMV games—so they're a perfect match.

Show Us Your Rig: Wasteland 2's Chris Avellone

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When it comes to the rig of Chris Avellone, designer on Wasteland 2 and practically every other RPG ever made, what’s on the inside isn't nearly as important as what’s on the outside. And seeing as every surface within five feet of his chair is covered in action figures, there is a lot to look at on the outside. Chris was kind enough to take some time to show off his computer, tell us about his desk, and flaunt his bunny slippers for us.

Stronghold Crusader 2 review

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Ah, the holy land. That sacred place where people of all faiths have convened to massacre each other in the name of the same god since the year dot. A particularly fine example of said internecine monotheism was the long period of the Crusades, when a load of nobles wearing steel onesies were pressure-cooked in the sun whilst hundreds of servants died killing the distressed locals in spectacular sieges. It's a great period for the Stronghold series to return to.

Blizzard's MMO Titan canceled after seven years in development

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We never knew how exactly Blizzard was going to follow up World of Warcraft, but we knew that they were working on another MMO codenamed Titan. That is no longer the case. After seven years of rumors and speculation, the company revealed that Titan is canceled.

Reflex bunny-hops onto Kickstarter, seeks funding for arena FPS action

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Yesterday I mentioned how Toxikk describing itself as a rare return to the old-school FPS was somewhat disingenuous. Soon after, an email proves my point—alerting me to Reflex. It's another old-school FPS, this time on Kickstarter. Could this be the start of a new FPS-off; the Quake vs UT of post-2010 gaming. Only if the game raises $360,000 AUD (£194,500/$318,230) in the next four weeks.

Sims 4 Diaries: The Odd Couple

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Meet George and Dave. George is ambitious, obsessively tidy, and good-natured. Dave is lazy, messy, and mean-spirited. Together, they are the Odd Couple.

Autocraft enters early access, is filled with physics based construction challenges

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Alientrap Games—of Capsized and Apotheon fame—has, for their new game, moved away from the 2D plane. Autocraft is a physics-based construct-'em-up in which you build up machines for the completion of objectives. It's now available in early access alpha, and its makers have released a couple of trailers highlighting its DIY potential.

Fable Anniversary review

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"You must be able to get rid of him somehow," says the beggar of the bully, "anything'll do. Use your imagination."

I'm a young warrior fresh out of Hero training, and this is my call of duty. I face the assailant, lift a muscled leg, and let one rip.

Big Pharma announced, is a pharmaceutical management sim

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Management sims are a great platform for parody and satire, and few industries are more deserving a target than the pharmaceutical industry. As such, the recently announced Big Pharma could be just what the doctor ordered. It takes a Transport Tycoon influenced look at drug corporations—asking you to research, manufacture and market your miracle cures.

We've got a Steam Curator page; follow us for great game recommendations

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Steam's "Discovery" update did more than just make things a bit blue. It's designed to let you tailor your Store page in a way that means more of the games you'll like, and less of, well, Air Control. Part of that update is Curators: a list of trusted advisers who sift out gaming recommendations from the sluice of new releases. PC Gamer now has a Curator page, and we'd be honoured to be among your trusted advisers.

Triad Wars is an "open world action strategy" game coming exclusively to PC

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As promised, United Front Games has released the first solid details for Triad Wars, the long promised follow-up to Sleeping Dogs. According to the introduction video embedded below, Triad Wars is an "open-world action strategy" game set in Hong Kong. Rather than focus on Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen, the online game will more closely resemble a traditional MMO, with players responsible for establishing their own turf, finding a niche in the underworld, and hopefully fighting to take other gangs' turf.

Titanfall 'Sand Trap' will dig deadly trenches through IMC Rising pack

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IMC Rising will be the last map pack to release for Titanfall, so there’s a fair bit resting on it. Respawn has detailed the third and final map in the collection and, according to designer Chris Dionne, it’s a marriage of old and new ideas.

Steam has over 100 million active accounts, added 1,300 new games in the past nine months

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Valve casually announced today that there are over 100 million active Steam accounts. That is a lot of active Steam accounts. That's approaching the population of Mexico.

Big changes to Steam: 'Discovery Update' adds curators, recommendations, and hides unpopular new releases

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The Steam homepage finally has a new look! A very slightly different, bluer new look! OK, it looks about the same, but the functional changes in today's 'Discovery Update' are really big.