CPU Boss helps you find and compare the best processors

Omri Petitte at

CPU Boss

Shopping for the perfect chip to grace your motherboard's silicon throne can turn quite tedious, especially when delving into the finer differences between model versions. CPU Boss wants to turn all that into a painless process, and it does so with easily digestible rating lists, a comparison tool, and reviews for nearly all current chips on the market.

The spartan white website reflects the simplicity of the tools available to you. Within moments, I was able to call up and compare two competing CPUs—say, the Intel i7 3770K and the AMD FX 8350—with a recommendation on what suited my needs delivered via infographic-style charts and breakdowns by performance, features, and review conclusions.

Pretty neat. What's even neater is the potential for expansion if this really takes off—think of the usefulness of a GPU Boss for researching that exact video card you need to render CryGrass. We can certainly hope, but for now, head to CPU Boss and have a look around.

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