Defiance trailer and screenshots blast hellcrabs in future San Francisco

Tom Senior at

Defiance is an ambitious upcoming MMO shooter from Rift creators, Trion Worlds, will exist symbiotically alongside the TV show of the same name. Events in the show will influence the MMO, and vice versa, creating an epic evolving story across both mediums, in theory at least. The game developers and TV producers have kept quiet about exactly how the game and the show will interact. If a character dies in the TV program, will we get to fight his zombie form as a raid boss in the game? If not, why not?

Some early footage and screenshots have been released from PAX, showing a "terraformed land reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay Area" with a few key differences. I'm pretty sure the San Francisco Bay area isn't currently overrun with bright red hell crabs (though I haven't caught the the news this morning), so they're new. I'm not in tune with San Fran fashion either, but I'm fairly sure that awesome robot suits aren't in vogue down there at the moment, which is a shame, frankly. Get a closer look at those suits, and some hungry, hungry crab monsters in these new screenshots.