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Sometimes a soundtrack can get in your head and stay there forever. The Zelda themetune is one of those soundtracks. The soundtrack to HBO fantasy series A Game of Thrones is another. Battlefield 3's angry machine noise is yet another. Owen has come across a unique way of washing one's brain clean of an invading soundtrack. It's and album called The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski, in which a short loop is repeated for an hour, but changes subtly with each repetition as the track slowly degrades, bludgeoning your brain into a state that couldn't even absorb an Abba riff. Here it is. Happy Monday!

Avant garde ambient music aside, it's been a fun day for news. ITV took an official rebuke to the face for mistakenly including footage of Arma 2 when they meant to include footage of the IRA attacking a helicopter. It was confirmed that Guild Wars 2 will be out this year and we had a chat with Notch about whether Mojang consider themselves indie devs anymore. There was loads more we couldn't cram in, so we've assembled them in a gradually disintegrating list of links below.

  • OXM have a bit more from Ken Levine on how Bioshock Infinite's 1999 mode will force you to specialise when choosing weapons.
  • Senior game producer on Diablo 3, Steve Parker, leaves the team after five years, report Eurogamer.
  • This came in on Friday evening but it's worth a mention. The ESA finally drops support for SOPA.
  • The unofficial Battlefield 3 blog mentions a case in which DICE had to ban one of their own mods for hacking.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic wins AbleGamers accessibility GOTY, awarded to games that take measures to be more accessible to disabled gamers.
  • Indiegames mention that HBO are considering commissioning a series based on Indie Game: The Movie.
  • Gamasutra interview Starbreeze about Syndicate, and another project they're currently working on at the same time.
  • Epic's Fortnite will be aimed at a more casual audience than Gears of War, say Shacknews.

The Greatest Video Game Music album, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, can be listened to for free on Spotify. There are some great tracks on there, not least this lovely bit of Mass Effect music. Which pieces of gaming music would you recommend?