This week's releases

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We're back! Welcome to our regular round up what new PC games are due this week in both Europe and America. A treasure trove of new releases lies within for those who still have some money left after the Steam sale.

Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues
July 19th

The third piece of Fallout: New Vegas DLC comes out this week, and it looks like an interesting one, at least if the totally mad trailer is anything to go by. There will also be a massive patch coming out along with it, so there's no better time to fire New Vegas up again.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War
July 19th

Have you ever wanted to play through the events of the Cold War from the perspective of any country in the world? Even Zimbabwe? Fearsomely in depth strategy sim Supreme Ruler: Cold War could be the game for you. Check out our preview, or get it on Gamersgate.

Runespell: Overture
July 20th

Runespell is an unusual RPG that combines poker mechanics, power ups and collectible cards with more traditional RPG gameplay. It's also on Steam at a budget price for those who like quirky mechanics.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
July 21st (EU)

Usually Europe is the one that has to wait for games to come over from the US, but this time it's the other way around with us getting Air Conflicts a full two months before the states. Fans of flight sims should check it out on Steam.

Anything we've missed readers? Do let us know in the comments.