Sponsored Post: Gods and Heroes released next week

Tom Hatfield at

Gods and Heroes, the new Roman mythology based MMORPG from Heatwave Interactive, is launching next week. We take a look at what you can expect inside:

The game offers four classes based on the standard MMO archetypes. The Soldier is a classic tank, the Gladiator is a melee DPS class, the Mystic offers ranged magic DPS and the Priest is a healer. Each class is further diversified by which deity they align themselves with. We have a breakdown of the gods and their abilities here.

Minions are one of the features that sets Gods and Heroes apart from most MMOs, characters are able to collect more than 130 of these pets, through purchases, drops, quest rewards and other means. Minions encompass various kinds of warrior types and mythological creatures and can attack, heal, form formations and use special moves. You can take up to four minions in your party and combine them in interesting and useful ways.

Gods and Heroes also promises an extensive player housing system called ‘Estates’. Estates are on a much larger scale than most player housing, offering each player an entire valley to call their own. Heatwave also promises that Estates will be ‘about features’ and ‘not just a place to show off trophies and customise’ but the activities possible within them have yet to be detailed.

Gods and Heroes launches June 21.