Supreme Commander 2 v1.2: now with custom AI

Jaz McDougall at

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A new SupCom 2 patch just dropped on Steam. Some users are having issues with it (which we've addressed in a separate post), but for those of you who aren't running into trouble, here's what they've changed:

Nukes: they're never fair.

  • The pre-order only maps, Emerald Crater, Iskellian Coast, QAI Prototype Facility, Seraphim VII Site, and Weddell Isle, are now available to all. Christmas day!
  • New Custom AI difficulty - you can mess with their difficulty level, their overall strategy, build speed and resource modifiers, and even a setting for whether they'll gun for the leader or pick off the stragglers.
  • Shield generators now show a range marker bubble when you're placing them and when you mouse over them. The shields are also faction-coloured now.
  • New unit: Cybran Mass Converter. OH IT'S ON.
  • New exclusions: Artillery and Mass Converters. IT IS NO LONGER ON.
  • You can now hit Ctrl+U to hide the interface if you want to take pretty pictures.
  • Ai will try not to nuke its own units.
  • Added tactical wizard drops.
  • (Not really)
  • Lots of balance tweaks: nukes are more expensive, Cybran battleships have slightly shorter range, hunkered units aren't affected by the Magnetron, etc.
  • All your saved games and replays have been automatically murdered. Your campaign progress escaped unharmed.

Full patch notes are here. As I mentioned above, some users are finding that the game won't start since the patch. Here's how to fix it. They've also added an exclusion that prevents you from using DLC units. But... there's no SupCom2 DLC, right?